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Pet Tip of the Week:

Please be aware of the high temperatures when visiting our beaches. The sand may be hotter than your pets are used to and can burn their paws. Be sure to test the sand temperature before allowing your pets to walk on it. Also, make sure that they don’t get any “sand spurs” caught in their fur or in their paws. We want their vacation, as well as yours, to be pleasant and pain free.
DSCF1685In addition, please be aware of the rules and try to adhere to them. One of the most important ones, of course, is taking care of any “deposits” your pet may leave along our beaches and surrounding areas. Please be sure to clean up after your pet and be courteous of your beach neighbors.



Dog Park in Gulf Shores

For those of you with pets needing a little more extra exercise, the City of Gulf Shores offers a Dog Park located at 308 Clubhouse Drive. Check out The City Gulf of Shores- Parks and Facilities for directions and times.


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